Who are the AIPP?

AIPP Landscape Member

AIPP - Association of International Property Professionals - represents more than 350 of the most professional international property companies operating in over 30 countries.

Based in London since 2006, AIPP delivers industry best practice and business development services to its members and consumer education and protection to buyers and owners via its sister organisation; the Alliance of International Property Owners.

How does the AIPP benefit me as an agency?

Overall, joining AIPP pledges your commitment to uphold professional values, helping you attract more clients and business partners

There are 3 main benefits of joining AIPP:

  1. Professional credibility
  2. Sales promotion and client leads
  3. Knowledge, training & community

For more details please visit the AIPP website via this link to the AIPP 3 benefits of membership.

How does the AIPP benefit my clients?

AIPP members use their membership in their own marketing to attract and reassure clients.

Members reassure clients by promoting that they follow the AIPP Code of Conduct with a professional complaints procedure available in the UK for buyers through the Property Ombudsman. This uniquely covers British buyers in any country they buy a foreign property.

AIPP launched, for the benefit of clients, a new organisation in May 2018; the Alliance of International Property Owners (AIPO) - supporting owners and buyers. Only AIPP members are represented on this website.

What does membership entitle me to?

  1. Use of the AIPP member logo and other branding items for your office and website
  2. Your clients covered by the Property Ombudsman (no cost to you or your clients)
  3. Connect with like-minded Agents who have all agreed to act with professional integrity with fellow agents and clients. The AIPP Disciplinary Committee meets to assess specific breach allegations of the Code of Conduct.
  4. Your company listed and profiled on the AIPO website (for buyers and owners) and to which you may submit blogs for publication. Select blogs are promoted on paid-for social media.
  5. Use of AIPP buyer guides, personalised to your business
  6. Free attendance at trade networking meetings

For more details please visit the AIPP website for the details behind the AIPP 3 benefits of membership